After sales service

Wheelperson offers its customers the most comprehensive and professional after sales service, whether it is remote technical assistance or the rapid supply of spare parts.

 Commissioning and training

We will support you and ensure you get the most out of your investment. This support begins during the test phase and continues during commissioning and training. The Wheelperson marine equipment is installed in your premises by our experienced technicians and engineers. 

Extensive training for your team is provided in situ, with full documentation.  Everyone in your team will be comfortable using our sophisticated, yet simple equipment.

User helpdesk

Our maintenance offer goes from repairing a single product to managing your entire process. We provide field and Wheelperson based repairs. Routine visits, technical support and technical training are standard offers. 

Hotline and e-mail assistance: 

we offer assistance via a dedicated phone line, or by E-mail, with English and French speaking after-sales engineers. Turnaround time is a question of minutes. Our most recent systems can be diagnosed, and often fixed, remotely. 

Fast on-site assistance: 

when requested, comprehensive on-site mechanical, electrical & software assistance can be carried out by servicing engineers, based at our head office, or with our overseas partners. 

Spare parts & accessories

Components and spare parts: 

most of the standard electrical and mechanical components for your request equipment are available in stock in order to serve you quickly. 

Fast shipping: the shipment of spare parts available from stock is generally made within 48 hours of ordering. Spare parts not available in stock are supplied as soon as possible.


After-sales consultation

Your personal information is only used to promptly notify and reply to your messages, and we will not disclose your personal information to others.

Frequently Questions

  • No Radar

    This means the MFD cannot communicate

    with the radar in any way. There a very

    broad range of possible causes including:

    - Radar Ethernet Hardware fault

    - Radar SW Software bug

    - Ethernet cabling fault

    - No power to the radar

    - Ethernet hardware fault in MFD

    - MFD software bug 


    • Check / select actual radar in radar sources

    • Turn the system off and on again

    • The most common error: The safety switch is

    switched off - only HALO radar

    • No voltage on the yellow power supply line

    • No voltage on the yellow lead of the radar cable

    from the radar interface

    • Missing or intermittent Ethernet connection, the

    RJ45 connector is damaged

    • Broken Ethernet cable

  • Acoustic Noise Detection of the sonar

    • Stop the vessel, and stop the propeller.

    – If the noise disappeared, the noise is either coming from the water flow, the propeller, the reduction gear or the propeller shaft (most likely water flow or propeller)

    – Try different propeller pitch

    • Give full speed ahead

    – The noise comes up gradually

    with speed, then you have flow- noise (Transducer installation)

    – The noise comes up immediately!

    You are faced with propeller noise.

  • Dockside Faults – No Drive Output

    • Make sure the motor wires are attached to the correct terminals

    • Check the output commands and the voltage levels at the motor drive terminals

    – Simply make meter contact with the AC drive terminals and issue a command

    – Issue a command in the opposite direction; you should see polarity reverse on your meter

    – NOTE: You can issue commands directly at the AC by temporarily shorting the Remote terminal PORT or STARBOARD to ground

    • When driving solenoids, the drive voltage can be measured from the ground common (SOL GND) to one of the SOL-MOTOR terminals when a rudder command is issued. Remember when driving solenoids your mains supply is what you will provide to the solenoid terminals and bypass

    – Insure your are correctly connected and 12V is present on the SOL-MOTOR contacts when the autopilot issues a command

  • Dockside Faults – No Pilot Computer

    • If all fusing and power is correct, you can isolate between the AP and the AC by making some quick assumptions

    • Do I see a compass heading and a heading source shown on the AP controller? Yes Pilot Display OK

    • Are my sources properly configured in SimNet and can I see the Pilot computer in the device list?  If seen by the network it will be listed next to the Distance Log and Pilot sources.

    • If you still do not ‘see’ the AC unit your best recourse is to enter the Service Menus of the AP and perform a Global Reset, then cycle the power.

  • No Spoke data for radar

    As a persistent error

    This means the MFD is still communicating with the radar, but it is not receiving radar image data over Ethernet.

    This is likely to be a radar hardware problem (typically FPGA) or in rare cases a radar software problem.

    This error can NOT be caused by cabling faults.


    • Turn the system off and on again

    • FMWC and PuC radars usually need to be

    replaced as this is an internal failure

    • Pulse Radar: Check / replace the HD scanner unit

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